Terms and conditions

1    Completion of contract

The contract come off after applying of the applicant and the nomination by VAEA for the program

2    Payment

The payment has to be made as described for the different programs

3    Benefits

The content of the contract is as the published description and price on the homepage: www.vaea.at

4    Changes in price and benefits

4.1    Changes in single points of the program are allowed as long it is not caused from VAEA culpably and don't change the nature of the program.

4.2    Changes in the price of the programs caused by heavy changes in the exchange rates are possible

5   Withdrawal from the program

5.1    Withdrawal from the program is possible at any time with written declaration.

5.2    Withdrawal from the program before the official nomination can be made by written declaration without causing cancellation fee. After the official nomination till 2 weeks prior the start of the program a cancellation fee of 20% has to be paid if there is no replacement participant. A cancellation within the last two weeks before the start of the program will cause a cancellation fee of 80%

6    Liability of the organizer

VAEA adheres in the framework of a businessman. VAEA has to ensure that the program include all described points and no faults affect the value of the programs. VAEA adheres not for faults caused by the participants. The participation in sport activities are made at own risk.

7    Obligation to co-oporate by the particpants

In the case of any faults in the program caused by VAEA, the participants have to inform VAEA about this. VAEA has to repair this fault. In the case the participant not meet this obligation all claims of reduction are inapplicable.  

8    Elimination of claims

Claims caused by non or not as described affect performance has to be made within one month after the end oft the program. All claims on the contract become time barred after 6 months.


9    Invalidity of several terms

Invalidity of several terms cause not invalidity of the whole contract.

10    General

The description of the program is as September 2014

11    Place of jurisdiction