Academic program

The academic program offers you an interesting mix of theoretical knowledge and insights in the Namibian economy and society. You will get the unique chance to better understand developments in Africa. The academic part of this program has a workload of 200h . The academic week starts on Monday and ends on Thursday. The classes can be credited as elective course. The decision to be credited as special courses of your home university will be made by the departments of your university. We gladly support you with all documents you need for your university. The workload of 200h is dived in 1/3 classes and 2/3 discussions, business visits and preparation. The courses are from 9h00 till 13h00. The afternoon is reserved for activities, preparation, business visits and leisure time.

Doing Business in Africa
Which things do you have to think of inorder to make successful businesses in Africa? Which cultural differences could cause problems with African business partners? This fascinating questions will be answered during this course with a special focus on Southern Africa. During the four weeks the Dean of the Business school Mr. Kofi Boamah and guest lecturers will prepare you for business relations with one of the fastest growing regions of the world.

A profil of the Namibian economy
This class give answers on the question why Namibias economy is more successful than the economy of other African states. Which industries provide a big part to the GDP of Namibia, which industries have the biggest potential for growth and which industries are the rising stars in the future. All this questions are not only answered during the four weeks but also be discussed in class.

State, Government and Politics
The economic success of a country is highly dependent on the political decisions. The question why some African states are economocially successful while others can not generate economic growth even if they have a lot of natural resourses or are hit by hyper inflation will be answered in this course. The class will give an explanation of the history, present and future developments in Namibia.       

The visits will give you the chance to discuss the topics of the classes with business people and representatives of the state. During the visit of the brewery, you will not only get the chance to talk about business but also can try the products. Other visits will be to the port in Walvis Bay, the Khomas regional council, the parliament, the chamber of commerce, NBC, Heroes Acre and the national museum. A visit of an orphanage is also scheduled. The orphanage would be very grateful for any donation of clothes, toys or money.